Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the BUMS?

The Bubble & Microcar Society, also sometimes known as the Legion of 2-Stroke Fanciers, the Crittall Window Appreciation Society, or sometimes simply The Idiots.

A disreputable group of bubble car owners and enthusiasts who smell of cheese and have the same twisted sense of humour. Some have a legitimate presence in the bubble car community where they pose as genuine restorers, dealers and archivists serving the needs of bubble car owners everywhere.

But that's all a sham! These people really have far more sinister interests. I'm talking about:

  • Cheese
  • Spong kitchen equipment
  • Bakelite
  • Badgers
  • Did I mention cheese?

Can anyone join?

Nope, and you probably wouldn't want to anyway --- we're pretty weird really. Some people have drifted into being BUMS kind of by association (it's rather like the Freemasons).

What is TinThing?

TinThing is mostly just a lot of nonsense, but with a vague association with bubble-cars and micro-cars. Think of it as a kind of rag mag for bubble car owners. We believe this to be a criminally under exploited niche in the classic car market.

Can anyone create a TinThing account?

Yes, we're happy to welcome guests who'd like to comment on our musings and doings. Once we get to know you we might decide that you're as weird as us and put you forward for the initiation ceremony (see, just like the Freemasons!).